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Promoting TP Wallets With WeChat Shake

There are a few different ways to promote TP Wallets. There are In-store Wi-Fi locations, In-store WeChat Shake,TP wallet withdraw to Binance , and Eddystone activities. All three can be a great way to engage customers in new ways. And with the TP shaker and Eddystone app, you can customize each promotion to your target audience. The key is to create an interactive experience for both customers and retailers.

WeChat Shake

If you're looking for a new way to promote your TP Wallets, then you should consider partnering with WeChat's Shake functionality. WeChat is a mobile social network with over 700 million users globally. Using this app for promotional purposes is a great way to reach these users and gain new customers.

Besides offering a free wallet function, the WeChat platform also offers various features to promote your business. The WeChat app is available in different languages and can be downloaded on a variety of operating systems. It also has a web version for desktop users.

While WeChat is a popular mobile platform in China, its international expansion strategy is focused on foreign markets. Currently, over 800 million Chinese citizens use WeChat to make purchases. This makes the app an attractive choice for both merchants and consumers.

In-store Wi-Fi

Promoting TP Wallets with in store Wi-Fi is a clever way to engage customers, and it can also boost your online business. More than 90% of consumers prefer shopping in a store that offers free Wi-Fi. Furthermore, 60% of shoppers say that in-store Wi-Fi is a must for their shopping experience.

Using in-store Wi-Fi to promote your mobile wallet program is a great way to promote the product, especially to your younger customers. The Wi-Fi network in your store will redirect mobile devices to a splash page containing a message from the store and information about the network. Users may also be required to agree to terms and conditions or provide personal information, such as their email address or Facebook profile.

Mobile wallet apps can also be easily promoted through online banner ads. You can target the right groups to reach your target audience and establish a relationship with them. Social media channels are also a great place to share content. Share your mobile wallet offer with your social network contacts and you'll see good results.


If you're looking to promote TP Wallets, consider tapping into the booming WeChat community. By enabling WeChat Shake, you can send offers to hundreds of millions of WeChat users. You can also create an Eddystone URL that points to the content on your mobile wallet.

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